Aglaé was born in the south of France on the 1st of August 1995.
She won many writing contests and published two novels at the age of 15 ('Le Projet A.D.A.M' and 'Passion & Addictions').
In 2010, she left France to travel on a sailing boat with her family, which played a big part in her artistic, intellectual and emotional development.
It also allowed her to become trilingual (fluent in Spanish, English and French).
In 2013, she moved to Scotland to study Acting & Performance in Glasgow for three years.
She is now based in Glasgow and works as a model (published by 'Armstrong & Son', "Walker Slater' and 'Collingwood - Norris') actor, photographer, film-maker and as Nelly Ben Hayoun's doppelgänger. 
She constantly aims to learn and grow as an artist, to transform any negative experience into a positive one, to help, understand and respect others, to question everything she believes in and challenge her boundaries.
Her work is strongly inspired by Edith Piaf, Pablo Picasso, Jacques Brel and Constantin
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