Aglaé Photography started in 2018, after several years of friendship and questioning our career paths.

We wanted to bring light to people's lives, one way or another. To shape meaningful experiences while embracing our adventurous and creative spirit!

Our determination and tenacity continued to grow in spite of the challenges life threw at us.

One day, it clicked - and the rest is history!

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Born in the south of France in 1995, I always had a camera on me as a child and loved editing films and photographs from as young as the age of 10.

In 2010, I left France to travel by boat with my family, which played a big part in my artistic, intellectual and emotional development, and allowed me to become trilingual.

In 2013, I moved to Scotland to study Acting & Performance in Glasgow, where I now live with my son and best friend, Arran.

I constantly aim to learn and grow as an artist, to transform negative experiences into positive ones and challenge my boundaries. I am an extrovert, a dreamer, the bubbly type that enjoys reaching out to strangers and believes we are all a big family. The human version of a Labrador, perhaps...

Photography Coordinator
Hi! I'm Miriam, which means "beloved" in Arabic - an extremely popular name in Pakistan, the country of my motherland.

I'm proud to say my Pakistani background automatically gives me a high spice tolerance, no chillies are ever too much!

Born in the early 90s in the heart of Scotland where playing on the streets was the ultimate pastime!

Grabbing my backpack and booking a trip that very day is my idea of adventure - I love the spontaneity!

Amongst my adventurous spirit, I have a real passion for justice which plays an integral part in my day to day life. Whether that is seeking ways to become more sustainable, to advocating for human rights. Which makes photography even more meaningful and special as I have the opportunity to connect with different people and hear their stories.