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As a Glasgow based wedding photographer, I spend most of my time shooting locally. Glasgow’s wedding venues are numerous and unique! - the Boclair House, The Engine Works, the House For An Art Lover, Mar Hall, West On The Green, Sloans, BAad Glasgow… the list goes on. But as beautiful, eccentric or breathtaking those places are, sometimes it’s just good to get away! Right?

This is exactly what I did last week as I was capturing a small, intimate wedding on the Isle of Skye. A four hours long journey surrounded by the most scenic landscapes, followed by a good night sleep in a tiny, romantic bothy with my partner… What else could I ask for?

The beauty of my job is the freedom it gives me to combine work and a holiday. If a wedding takes me outside Glasgow, why not grabbing the opportunity to explore? It makes everything much less tiring and much more fun, as I can relax in an airbnb the night before and not rush to the venue in the morning. Plus, it takes me places I wouldn’t necessarily travel to otherwise.

The loveliest German bride, Laura, was getting ready at Duisdale Hotel, when I arrived. I was so excited to finally meet her: Laura and her husband to be Markus booked me a few years ago but had to postpone their wedding many times because of the pandemic.

I couldn’t quite believe I was finally there, camera in hand, capturing those personal, beautiful getting ready moments with her. Look at this dress!

I then walked down to the beach where the ceremony was taking place. Does it get any more beautiful than a beach wedding? I must say I'm a big Nature fan so those kind of celebrations are 100% my vibe! Especially on the Isle of Skye where the landscape is simply stunning.

Markus was waiting there, he seemed slightly nervous - which is always a great sign! Who doesn’t get nervous on their wedding day?

Markus kept his back turned as Laura walked down towards him. The bagpipe was playing and I started getting emotional. Weddings always get me. It's powerful to see the groom's emotions as he waits to see his wife for the first time, and I always remind myself that I'm so privileged to experience this and create Art out of people's memories.

First looks may be some of my favourite moments to capture. I can tell how emotional people get, and how much it means to them, especially when their wedding had to be cancelled and postponed numerous times and those guys flew all the way from Germany!

It had been a few years. A pandemic. Micah’s birth. A lot happened, but we finally made it. A German family and a French photographer, on a Scottish island.

One of the most beautiful place in the world.

The ceremony was filled with peace and serenity.

Maybe the sound of the waves as the celebrant spoke, the sea air or the calming spirit of the Island. Even little Micah seemed calm and content.

Although I had never captured a wedding in German before, something about the fact I couldn't understand what was said was strangely amazing. German is a fascinating language to listen to, and the fact I was detached from the words themselves helped me focus on the non-verbal narrative of the story.

The facial expressions, the laughter, the pauses throughout the speech, the emotions that filled the space. It was interesting to notice the same rhythm in speech as other ceremonies, in spite of it being a foreign language.

As we walked back to the hotel, I captured some portraits of Micah toddling on the beach. His outfit simply made my heart melt. Look at him... I also discovered his slight obsession for stones, especially when being thrown in the sea.

We found this log in the venue's gardens and Micah sat on it just long enough for me to take the sweetest portraits. By that point, he seemed very comfortable around me and the camera and even looked like he was enjoying posing!

Shortly after, we drove to Armadale Castle, a gorgeous location Laura and Markus traveled to in the past, perfect for some intimate portraits together.

Everyone joined for some group shots before we drove back to Duisdale Hotel for dinner. The weather was beautiful, especially for this time of the year, on a Scottish island!

30 minutes before the start of dinner, I asked Laura and Markus if they wanted to head to a last Nature spot before the sunset. The golden hour on the Isle of Skye was definitely something I wanted to experience with them, and I promised we would only shoot for 10 minutes or so.

We stopped a few minutes away from the hotel and walked into the most beautiful, vast, empty fields... Nobody was around and the light was breathtaking. Within minutes, I was able to capture those beautiful photographs. I felt suddenly aware of how incredible my career simply is.

Our last moments together back at the venue made me quite emotional. I think it was the fact I was traveling back to Glasgow a few days later while they would fly back to Germany. It meant so much to finally be able to capture this wedding, and suddenly it was over. I thanked Laura and Markus for having me and drove away, taking in the last rays of sunshine.

My partner was waiting for me at the bothy and asked how everything went. I sat down and I think it took me a little time to process how magical this day had been. I had so much to say. I felt grateful. Immensely grateful, to be able to call this my career. A few clients enquired with me that evening and the morning after, and the feeling of gratitude only grew from then on.

I knew more than ever, that I had found my path, and that Scotland was my Home.

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