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How to go from £0 to £30K / year
and set your confidence on fire.

  • Are you an aspiring wedding photographer looking to start your career from scratch or struggling to take your business to the next level?

  • Are you dreaming of booking client after client till your diary is fully booked?

  • Do you have tons of questions but don't know who to ask?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of competition out there?

  • Do you want to learn from a laid back, friendly professional who will also give you motivational speeches and set your confidence on fire?

Guess what? I know exactly how you're feeling, because I was you 2 years ago.

I was lost and had 0 confidence. I had also just become a single mum and was living on benefits. I didn't invest in any course or masterclass, which led to many mistakes.


I built a portfolio, and then...

I went from £0 to £30K in a year. I am here to teach you how, authentically. I'll even show you my bank account!


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Why should you purchase the Masterclass?

  • Determine what makes your photography style unique so that you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Build a portfolio that resonates with you through a clear vision so that you can book your dream weddings.

  • Decide who your ideal client is and learn how to attract them.

  • Learn how to interact and communicate with your clients so that they feel super relaxed around you and recommend you to everyone!

  • Get all my behind the scenes tips and secrets to pose your clients and create authentic, beautiful candid photographs. 

  • Boost your confidence and feel like a badass CEO through my never-ending motivational talk - I'll hype you up from start to finish!

  • Grow unconditional faith in yourself by learning all about mindset, internalised beliefs and how to become your biggest cheerleader.
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How this Masterclass will transform your life...

My life truly changed when I became successful, and this is how yours will transform following this Masterclass:

You will have the freedom you were always seeking. The freedom to choose what to do of your day because your new schedule allows you to do so. The freedom to say yes to a coffee chat with a friend, a festival in summer or an extra holiday because you are now your own boss. You set your own hours, edit whenever suits you and say yes or no to new bookings.


Your confidence will shine through and pull people towards you. We are energetic, intuitive beings, we have used our senses throughout human history for survival so YES we can tell what sort of "vibe" people bring into a room, what kind of "energy" someone carries around, and that is what determines our relationships, opportunities and successes. This masterclass will set your confidence on fire!

You will have the money to do whatever you want! To put aside and save for your future, to lay in the sunshine on a beach while sipping on your favourite drink, to treat yourself and your loved ones - yes, money does not equal happiness but it is such a good tool to have!


You will be fully independent to choose what your clients, your prices, your packages, your schedule and your income looks like. Trust me, once you discover this sort of independence, you can never go back.

You will THRIVE as a human being because you are doing what you truly love. I mean... Isn't it what we all dream of?

You will feel  PROUD every single day when reading positive feedback from your clients and falling in love with your photography style a little more each time you edit and deliver your photographs. You will feel proud when you look back and see that it all worked out in the end and you made it all happen.

You will know what true Courage is after persevering, working on your mindset and getting outside your comfort zone. Not everyone is capable of this. It takes courage to go after your dreams and make them happen, and that is one quality you will be able to add to the list of what makes you an unstoppable, fierce human being following this Masterclass.

You will be so much more intuitive because this Masterclass will have taught you that your intuition is leading you to take actions that are right for you and your business. You will understand that the only way to success is to listen to that voice, and trust the process.

You will be the most empowered version of yourself. You will gain self love and a level of determination and respect for yourself that you never knew before. When you truly love yourself, it becomes a priority to make your dreams happen and allow yourself to live your wildest life.

You will inspire others through your journey, your confidence, your energy and your knowledge. Remember, we rise by lifting others.

You will feel worthy and needed because YES, the world needs you, not just your clients! Your creativity, your kindness, your Art and your gorgeous smile :)

You are worthy of all your dreams coming true. Now let's invoke your inner CEO, shall we?