Glasgow Wedding Photographer

The day your worlds merge

for the rest of time...

My approach

My goal when capturing a wedding is to create truthful, natural photographs that remind people exactly how they felt in that moment. I believe what makes me a great photographer is how deeply sensitive I am, this is something I have been told all my life. I feel people's emotions without them having to communicate with me, so I know how to adapt to each individual and situation. I know when you're nervous and I will remind you to take a breath. I know how emotional you feel that day and how conflicting some of those emotions are.

Weddings definitely have the ability to melt anyone's heart!

Something specific to my style is my ability to encourage candidness through
 emotions and, in a way, imperfections: remember, this day is to be lived, fully! Embrace the tears even though they'll alter your makeup, the colours on your cheek because you laughed so hard, the sweat on your forehead from dancing wild - and I'll be right by your side to capture you just as you are.

Alive. Free. In love.

I also understand most people find photoshoots daunting and unnatural, but I'm confident I will easily change your perspective on this. I know how to make a session feel calming as well as fun! This is where my sense of creativity comes in. I love bringing things like music, confetti or sparklers, and giving you easy directions to follow that make my style personal and I believe, very French (I'm all about hugs and forehead kisses). 

Once you have enquired with me by phone/email, I will organise a consultation in person where we can discuss your wedding day. We'll go for a coffee (and maybe a pain au chocolat?). The point of this consultation is mainly to get to know each other. I'd love to hear a little more about your story and what led to your wedding day. We will discuss your requirements during key moments like group shots, ceremony and first dance. I want to hear what matters to you and any specific wishes that I can make happen.

On the day itself, I will always arrive early to check in with you and set up. Usually after the ceremony, I will take you away from the crowd and capture some intimate photographs of just you two, within the venue or a location near by. If time allows, we may be able to capture more moments during the golden hour. This light is particularly beautiful for portraits as it is softer and warmer than during the day, giving shots a deeply romantic vibe. This is an opportunity for you both to take a breath and relax. I will let you both interact naturally and only give you directions when required. I am discreet and you don't need to pose or look into the camera! The more you forget about me, the better. Don't worry, this won't take long, 20min or so unless you have more time, in which case you can relax some more. I know how busy things get and I am happy to work with what we've got.

The editing process starts as soon as I get home (well, if my toddler lets me!). It's easier to start doing a pre selection of all the photographs I took when things are still fresh in my mind as I know what to look out for. I usually take a few thousands on the day, so it takes a while to bring this number down! I feel there is a lot of French in my edit, mainly since it looks so romantic. It's a bright, soft and warm edit that is very flattering on people's skin and makes any light condition look good. It gives a summer vibe to most situations, even when it's snowing outside!

Like a slight ray of sunshine piercing through the Scottish sky.

' Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur'

( Vauvenargues )

The greatest thoughts come from the heart.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer




Pre-wedding photoshoot

Full Day

(Morning prep to First Dance)

700 images

Private Gallery to share with family and friends

Wooden USB and box





Pre-wedding photoshoot

Half day

(Ceremony to First Dance)

400 images

Private Gallery to share with family and friends

Wooden USB and box

24 hour preview


Wedding album 60-80 photos


+ Upgrades

Glasgow Wedding Photographer