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Wedding Photography Masterclass

Wedding Photography Masterclass

£99.00 Regular Price
£39.90Sale Price

This Masterclass will take you through 27 subjects that have determined my success over the past two years as a wedding photographer. I share authentically everything I have learnt, from experience, mistakes and failure, and how I went from earning £0 to £30K per year.


1. Yes, You Can

2. Your Mindset Matters

3. Listen To Your Intuition

4. Determine The What

5. Determine The Why

6. Build A Portfolio

7. Find Your Photography Style

8. Find Your Editing Style

9. Energy Is Key

10. Business Tools

11. Start Growing An Audience

12. Packages + Pricing

13. Market Yourself

14. Expect Magic

15. How To Communicate With Clients

16. Competition Does Not Exist

17. Network + Community Building

18. Add Value
19. Your First Clients

20. Be Yourself

21. How To Pose Clients In A Candid Style

22. Celebrate Yourself

23. The Big Day

24. Mistakes Happen

25. Edit Faster

26. Deliver

27. If I Did It, So Can You!

  • Duration

    3 hours.

  • Format

    Video with on-screen text and images.

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