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Be happy

November 18, 2017

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” ~ Gandhi


There are so many things that are wrong on earth, things we all contribute to, consciously and unconsciously.


There are so many reasons to lose hope, to hate, blame, hurt and destroy each other. We all wake up some mornings and wonder how humanity got to this point, how we could possibly fix things... Everything. The thousands of problems and injustices that make our world such an uneven place to live in.


Because everyone has a lot more and a lot less than everyone else, and always strives for more. More and more.  Why can't we be content with what we already have? Why can't we appreciate how luxurious our life already is? A warm room to live in, food, water, clothes and an internet connection is what too many human beings dream of. Yet we all wake up some mornings feeling unhappy, because we aren't rich enough. Slim enough. Popular enough. Good enough.


I guess it is impossible to feel constant happiness.


The way we feel is perfectly human. Yet is it not mad, that the poorest ones are the happiest ones? Many souls I met lived in conditions I couldn't deal with. Yet they could never stop smiling and talking with such optimism and joy. They genuinely felt lucky to be alive and did not take a single thing for granted.


This is the way we should all be. Because if we did, the world would shine with positivity.


Be happy.


- Look around you, consider what you have and understand it is the treasure of others.

- Try your best to make this world a better place. You can't change the world in a day. But every little thing helps. The closer people get and the better things are.

- Find beauty in everything you look at. Help others.

- Smile. Let those you love know that you love them and why you love them.

- Travel. Learn from people. Gain new knowledge. Help this planet the best you can.

- Look at what you buy and where it comes from. Be kind.

- Always expect the best from situations and people, whatever happens.

- Take care of your mind and body. Love. Love with no limits. 

- Get over negative experiences and take life a day at a time. There isn't such a thing as tomorrow. Tomorrow doesn't exist. Now, is the only reality you'll ever know.


So do the things you want to do now, because life goes by so fast.


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