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If you are alive then you are strong

October 10, 2018

Today is the 10th of October, it is mental health day. And I was reflecting upon the idea of strength and weakness... the last line of my latest Facebook post resumes it pretty well:


If you are alive then you are strong.


I often have the impression that people see weakness where I see strength. Someone crying in public to me shows so much strength, because they decide to let their inner pain come out to the eyes of others, opening themselves up to reactions and words of comfort. Crying is about letting go and relaxing. And relaxing is about confidence.


I don't think people who hold their emotions in constantly and never let a tear out show much strength. They only prove they are good liars, and good at pretending that they don't experience negative emotions.



Cry. Cry every time you want to. Talk to people about your pain, and talk to them about your happiness. Engage with the world you live in, and share every thought and emotion that goes through you. Debating and philosophising are a perfect cure to psychological traumas and distress. Only by opening up to the world you allow yourself to take in whatever comes your way.


And this is why artists usually feel more than others. They are already used to letting inspiration dictate their life, and to observe and listen all day long. To what is happening within themselves, but also outside, all around them.


Talking about your emotions is another proof of strength. Nobody should ever tell you to 'shut up' or 'get on with it'. Finding the ability and confidence to put words on a negative experience is worth a lot of pride. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


Sadly though, it is quite difficult to find people who truly listen. Because as you talk to them, they sometimes are busy reflecting on different subjects and get lost in their own mind.

To listen, truly, is a primordial human quality not many have. But to be able to express pain is as important. And I am sorry that people are shamed and put down for doing so. Especially men, who always seem to have to give that impression of ice coldness and distance, when to me the sexiest thing is to see them cry. A man who cries is a man who allows the world to help him out and to provide him with the warmth he needs at that time. It's accepting the fact we are all part of a big family and we all require support from each other.


And it is okay to not be okay sometimes.


But remember, the biggest accomplishment in life is to go through life. To be able to deal with your thoughts and your feelings every single day when joy left your heart.


If you are alive then you are strong.

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