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Happy Girl Texting

28 things you need
to hear

all the empowering words I'd like to
tell you over a cup of coffee.

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Yet loving, honouring, respecting and forgiving ourself can feel so difficult. Sometimes we truly are our worst enemy!


This is why I created this e-book. For you, for her, for my younger self and all the things I tell her now, when she needs to hear them.

It took me years to truly believe and embody those words. But I am so proud that I have come to a point I can feel their impact in my body and nervous system, because I know how true they are, and I stand in my power.


Those 28 affirmations (or mantras) will make you smile, breathe and encourage you to live your best life through self-love, self-care and intuitive guidance. 

Those are all the things I'd like to tell you over a cup of coffee!

Enjoy, and give yourself a warm hug: the best is yet to come.

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