Who am I ?

August baby !

Born in the south of France on the first day of August 1995, I always had a camera on me as a child and loved editing films and photographs from as young as the age of 10. I would walk around the house as my parents had guests over and capture authentic, natural moments. People laughing, pets and children playing - everything to me was an opportunity to tell a story as it truly happened. As I grew older and this craft became my career, I made sure to never lose the essence of what makes it unique and beautiful: candidness

When I was a teenager... parents said 'hey, would you like to travel the world?'


Of course I said 'oui' and so they bought a sailing boat, sold the house and off we went! Traveling played a big part in my artistic, intellectual and emotional development, and allowed me to become trilingual. You may be surprised to hear it but from all the countries I have seen, Scotland is the most beautiful and the only place that ever felt like home to me! I moved here in 2013 to study Acting & Performance in Glasgow, where I now live with my son and best friend, Arran.

Aglaé Photography started when...

I got fired in 2018.

I worked as a waitress at the time and my boss at the time said that my head was constantly in the clouds and all I talked about was photography. As a natural optimistic and believer in the power of positive thinking, I took this as an opportunity to transform my hobby into a full time profession, and... here I am today. I still remember the feeling of freedom that came with this decision and how much my life changed then. My studies in Acting also played an important role in my job as a photographer from day one, as I was able to understand people's emotions much more and empathise fully - a plus when standing next to a nervous bride or groom!


The human version of a Labrador

is how I would describe myself.


My energy never runs out and I adore people. Seeing people happy simply makes me the happiest, so I always try my best to give and share as much as I can. I'm sensitive and empathetic, so weddings get me every time. Don't worry though, you'll barely notice my tears, I have mastered the Art of crying in silence over the years. I am definitely an extrovert and love being surrounded by people, I really do feel my best among a crowd and enjoy reaching out to strangers.


Everyone says I'm very easy to get on with and that's always so nice to hear!