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I'm Aglaé.

French wedding photographer.

I live in the WestEnd of Glasgow with my 3 years old son, Arran. My time is divided among weddings, coffee + cake with my friends, walks in Nature and spending time with the man I fell in love with in summer, 2021.


I usually edit from home while listening to music or psychology/mindset themed podcasts  and when I need a break, I love meditating or going to the gym. My favourite sweet right now is a pistachio mochi (I think I'm addicted).

When I was a teenager, I left France with my parents to sail the world. Traveling played a big part in my artistic, intellectual and emotional development, and helped me becoming trilingual. From all the countries I have seen, Scotland is the most beautiful and the only place that ever felt like home to me.

So what am I like? I think my main trait is that I honestly, utterly adore people. Seeing people happy simply makes me the happiest, so I always try my best to give and share as much as I can. I'm sensitive, romantic and empathetic, so weddings get me every time. I am definitely an extrovert, I do feel my best among a crowd and I enjoy reaching out to strangers. 

Aglaé Photography started in 2018 when I left my job as a waitress to transform my hobby into a full time profession, and... here I am today, living my dream life. 

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