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Reiki with Aglaé 💖

Welcome to my safe space, beautiful soul!

During a Reiki session with me, you will experience healing, peace, deep relaxation and self-love. My Reiki practise uses my own sensitivity, empathy and intuition as a guide. I believe that whether you are spiritual or not, you are always able to sense people's energy and that is what changes your emotional state. Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately tense or stressed? Or have you ever been around a stranger and felt deeply relaxed, for no apparent reason? We are all sensitive beings who always used our six senses to survive throughout history. Reiki uses the energy that is already within you and helps it flow better, leading to emotional and physical healing. It is okay to need a little help or guidance at times. This is what I'm here for.

If your intuition has led you here and you have read this far, I am so happy to welcome you into my safe space and invite you to book a session with me. You may pay for your session below and contact me here to find a suitable time for your home visit (until I get my own studio space!). During the session, you will lay down on your back fully clothed while I put my hands over or on your body and channel Reiki. You are welcome to close your eyes and fully relax while Reiki does its magic on you. You may feel tingling sensations in your body, hot or cold sensations, have visions or see flashes of colours while your eyes are shut. The key is to enjoy the process!

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