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Those sessions are something between coaching, therapy and a loving, non-judgemental listening ear. My empathetic and sensitive Nature have always helped me read people effortlessly. Whatever you are currently struggling with or working towards in terms of goals, I believe my spiritual approach and energy will help you step into your next chapter, love yourself, connect with yourself deeper, heal and find a sense of calm and confidence.

Hi! I'm Aglaé.

(I bet you're wondering how to pronounce that... )

As a child, my mum would always say that I had to control my empathetic nature and stop crying every single time someone was bullied at school or we walked past a homeless person. So life roughed me up a little bit... Just like you, I went through traumas, I did the work - healing, therapy, daily meditation, became a mum! - but my empathy never left. I just cry less often. I am here to provide you with a safe and nurturing space. I will never judge you for anything (unless you killed someone).


My intention as we start this journey together is for you to feel comfortable being yourself. There is nothing strict about my coaching method, rather this is a relaxed, safe space for you to express yourself, find clarity and support around any topic you wish to discuss.


The importance of feeling heard, seen and cared for is vital to any human being. I am here to provide what I wish I had when I was struggling. A caring, nurturing, empathetic person who is there for emotional support and active listening.

60min session

At the moment, I am available for 1-1 coaching sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 8am and 9pm UK time. I am available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in the evening only. Read terms and conditions for cancellation and refunds. The calls will happen over Zoom.


There is such power in someone telling us that they believe in us, they see our strength and that our success is inevitable. This is a huge part of my personality. I believe that anyone has potential and fire at their core - sometimes we just need someone to remind us to be brave.


My life changed when I understood the power of manifestation, gratitude and letting go. I can only help others through sharing those practises as they are strongly implemented in the way I find happiness, inner peace and success... I understand this isn't for everyone.


Having practised spiritual practises for years, I am often told that my energy and voice are naturally soothing. I believe that the calm I practise on a daily basis radiates through all of my work, including coaching. I always take time to reflect on our dialogue and offer intuitive guidance.


Click the button below and message me here or Patreon to schedule in your call with me.

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