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Join me on a deeply loving & empowering journey with yourself.

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Traffic Long Exposure

because not everyone

is ready to change.

Are you? If you answered yes to most of the following statements, keep on reading...

  • You are an aspiring or established entrepreneur / artist ⬇
    You value freedom and independence. You have already decided that you want to be your own boss and choose what your day to day looks like.

  • You HAVE a calling ⬇
    This feels like an intuitive pull towards something specific, like a gut feeling that something else is meant for you.

  • you are meant for more ⬇
    You aren't 100% fulfilled with your life as it currently is because a voice inside you keeps telling you that something bigger awaits you.

  • you have a vision ⬇
    This vision is made of images, scenes and stories of what your life could be. It plays in your head regularly and you often fear it will never come true.

    Your heart dreams and it dreams BIG. You want to experience everything life has to offer. You want the full cake, not just a slice. People who meet you sometimes get triggered by how big you dream.

    You aren't here to play small. You want to hit big goals and inspire others along the way. You already know the kind of impact you'd like to have.

Night Sky

Self worth is the core of success

Night Sky

7 hypnosis

to attract success

An immersive experience comprising 7 impactful recordings designed to take you on a journey of self love and worthiness, empowering you to reach your goals and embrace your life's purpose.


This program is everything I wish I had when I started out as an entrepreneur. I wish I had someone to help me believe in myself, visualise my goals, eliminate my limiting beliefs and feel worthy. And as much as I searched for it, I never found anything like this, which is exactly why I created it.

What motivated me to create this 7 days journey was also my belief that we, as human beings, are stronger together, not apart. Our purpose matters greatly. Innovation and creation always played an important part of our survival as a species and while this is still very much needed, our society also needs Art, entertainment, relaxation, compassion and a deep sense of care for each other as a community.


So whatever sets your heart on fire is needed. You are needed.

Together we rise

Night Sky with Stars


humans usually love themselves deeply.

We all know of high achievers with strong self esteem, who rise above all obstacles and keep going no matter how tough the path gets. Deeply loving, humble, respectful, determined beings who hold wisdom and make this world a better place. 

Self love is the core of determination. Self love is honouring your needs and your dreams. Self love is giving yourself permission to want more. Self love is becoming your greatest hero. Self love starts with your inner dialogue and an important decision: choosing your dreams over your current reality, every single day.


The thing is, you are the fire this world needs. You are the inspiration. You are the change. You can achieve anything you desire, no matter who you are and where you come from. You hold unlimited powers and magic within yourself, you just need to unleash them.


I know how to help you because I know how you feel. Trust me when I say...



I know what it's like to...

  • struggle as an entrepreneur, failing again and again and wondering if you should give up

  • become your biggest cheerleader because nearly everyone stopped believing in you

  • leave a 7 year long relationship where you were both abused and abusive

  • lacking money to the point you actively consider prostitution

  • move to a different country at 18 and have no friends

  • have your heart broken & face suicidal thoughts

  • want to succeed to provide for your children

  • feel lost and without purpose for years

  • experience sexual abuse as a teenager

  • be bullied at school

Night Sky

so who am ?

born in 1995

in the south of France, I was gifted with a wild imagination, writing over 1000 page long novels by the age of 10. I was highly sensitive, empathetic, and fascinated by our mind and emotional complexity as human beings. I wanted to feel every emotion that could be felt.


My stories unfolded around the mental strength and tenacity of heroes dedicated to saving the world, living with profound purpose. These characters faced failures until they achieved success, relentlessly pursuing their dreams.


Meanwhile, my parents were working hard to manifest their dreams of buying a boat and traveling the world. I witnessed their courage and fears, their relentless faith in their goals and their determination eventually leading them to success.


In 2010, they sold our home, quit their jobs and we set off to travel the world. Over the next three years, I encountered diverse lifestyles, cultures and ideas. I experienced trauma and beauty. I felt alive and lonely. I missed what we had and I was in awe of the beauty of Earth.


I realised my life would never be the same as I transitioned into adulthood.

Night Sky


Night Sky

my failures

and pain became

my greatest strength.

Upon my arrival in Glasgow in 2013, I pursed studies in Acting & Performance that taught me how to use and embody my voice to connect with an audience. A few years down the line, I became an entrepreneur, a single mum and an activist all at once. I embarked on a journey of healing from toxic relationships, sexual abuse, financial struggles and suicidal thoughts. 

In 2021, everything changed when I started facing my own darkness. I was meditating every single day and using visualisation to heal and empower myself. My imagination and inner voice were my saviours. I had become my greatest cheerleader.


Within a few months, I met my perfect partner, moved home, lost weight, made new friends and my bank account showed numbers I had never seen before. I delved into Street Art, "free hugs" and eye gazing with strangers (watch here).


Something was pulling me in. A calling. There was a strong desire to empower people through my words. This is when I turned inwards. I decided to create my own recordings. The feedback was immediate—people found power in my words, the soothing quality of my voice and the scenarios I planted in their imagination.


The journey was immersive and transformative: I had found my purpose.



Traffic Long Exposure

your purpose


The truth no one likes to hear is that, you are on your own. No course, program or coach will ever change your life until you decide to do the work and take action. But once you choose to commit to yourself.. life changes, sometimes very fast.


What's ironic is that some of us aren't ready for this. We have spent so long struggling, suffering and doubting our own abilities that our dreams suddenly coming true can be... disturbing and overwhelming.

I know because, I had a car accident and fell seriously ill shortly after encountering my first successes: I was in love, making more money than ever before and moving to my dream home. And I simply couldn't cope with how happy I was, I wasn't able to sleep at night and a part of me felt like I didn't deserve all of those blessings.

So before you say yes to yourself, take a deep breath in and relax your shoulders. Now, can you say yes to... 

  • never worrying about money again
    Your success as an entrepreneur or artist inevitably means you will never have to worry about how to pay your bills again and say no to holidays abroad.

    Because you aren't stuck in a 9 to 5 anymore. You will never miss out on important milestones and day to day moments with your babies. 

  • a relaxed
    nervous system
    Although doing the inner work & practising self care daily are part of what will bring in your success (you won't get there by burning out), imagine how much more relaxed your nervous system will be when you can do all the activities that bring you the most peace and serenity.

    The feelings of pride, respect and deep love for yourself will replace all the self doubts, fear and shame you were once experiencing daily.

  • impacting the world
    Imagine people telling you how much you, your products or your Art have impacted their life and helped them change. Imagine knowing that what you do matters for this world and our children's future. Imagine becoming the person you always wish you were, simply because you decided to and took action.

Night Sky


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